n01: Title bar
n02: Menu bar
n03: File submenu and its 9 menu items
n04: Tool bar
n05: Tab bar
n06: A tab demonstrating the current active file
n07: Status bar
n08: Line number of the current line                                             - Part 1 of the Status bar
n09: Column number of the beginning of the selected words  - Part 2 of the Status bar
n10: Number of total lines                                                              - Part 3 of the Status bar
n11: Total length of the article in byte                                         - Part 4 of the Status bar
n12: Status: Modified or Unmodified                                           - Part 5 of the Status bar
n13: The full path of some file.                                                      - Part 6 of the Status bar
         When your mouse stops on some tab for 1 second, the corresponding file's full path will occur here, this is a very useful feature which saves you time of reopening the file and more important is that it avoids large resource consumption caused by reopening a file even if which is very small.

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